Build Offline MyStuff Installer

Ever wanted to install MyStuff on a Windows Pc that doesn't have an internet connection?
Well now you can!

When run, the BuildOfflineMyStuffInstaller.exe :-
  1. Downloads the normal MyStuff Installer kit
  2. Downloads the files from the kits/locations that the installer would access when run (the most recent file is kept if kits contain the same file)
  3. Rewrites the configuration files to eliminate the need for internet access
  4. Creates a MyStuffInstaller(OffLine).zip 
  5. Creates a Build Offline MyStuff Installer.log

To use the MyStuffInstaller(OffLine).zip
  1. Copy this file to the pc that will do the installation
  2. Unzip the file into a new folder
  3. Run Setup.exe in the unzipped folder 
  4. Perform a normal MyStuff Installation.
  5. After the installation, the folder will contain a log of the installation (as for an online installation)

There should be only two differences between this installation and an online installation:-
  1. The offline kit can only use files that existed when it was created whereas an online installation will use the latest files.
    To ensure you have the latest files, generate a kit before you use it i.e. don't use an old kit.
  2. The offline kit won't provide an initial MyStuff EPG file (if one doesn't already exist).
    This is not an issue - just let MyStuff run for 20-30 minutes to allow the EPG to be populated.