Build Offline MyStuff Installer

Ever wanted to install MyStuff on a Windows Pc that doesn't have an internet connection?
Well now you can!

Normal MyStuff Installer fails when downloading kits?
Use this program to generate an equivalent installer

When run, the BuildOfflineMyStuffInstaller.exe :-
  1. Downloads a consolidated MyStuff Installer kit (one which eliminates downloads from other web locations)
  2. Refreshes transient files :-
      Freeview.dat and FvTxData.tsv   (used by the ChannelOrganiser tap)
      logo.dat and smlogo.dat            (from Gramps's site)
  3. Rewrites the configuration files to eliminate the need for further internet access
  4. Creates a MyStuffInstaller(OffLine).zip 
  5. Creates a Build Offline MyStuff Installer.log

To use the MyStuffInstaller(OffLine).zip
  1. If necessary, copy this zip file to the pc that will do the installation
  2. Unzip the file into a new folder
  3. Run Setup.exe in the unzipped folder 
  4. Perform a normal MyStuff Installation.
  5. After the installation, the folder will contain a log of the installation (as for an online installation)

Note: The offline zip can only use files that existed when it was created. To ensure that you have the latest files,
         generate a new zip before you use it i.e. don't use an old zip (unless you manually want to fix the transient files)