TopManager 7.0
Google is forcing web site owners to convert their sites to "New Google Sites" (NGS); this web site is using what is now called "Classic Google Sites".
One of the main changes is that file attachments cannot be used in NGS; they have to be stored/accessed on a "Google Drive". This means that files can't be referenced by familiar historic names. For example, "" now has to accessed using an id of "1g8OjvD2NOiCrym878lEEFORgtIxWwytx" (even more obscure than the historic name!).

Although the conversion to New Google Sites has been performed, the site has not yet been published.

To aid the switch to the new site, I have created version 7 of TopManager; this accesses files stored on the Google Drive (they are in place even though the user pages are not accessible).

Reasons to upgrade to V7:-
  • Previous versions will be unable to access the GeeCeeBee files once the converted site is published
  • Faster start up for Connection| Browse
  • Display DLLs - no longer triggers disk scan when TM started and also avoids scanning most of the Windows folders
  • Longer estimated time when scanning for channels (to minimise timeouts when no channels detected on a Mux)
  • New faster checking for data file updates when TM starts.
    Ability to update Freeview.dat and FvTxData.tsv directly from the notification dialog (saves manually executing Tools| Install Files)
  • Clean up mechanism for Extend.log (mine had entries back to 2011!)
  • Faster closing of TM (5 secs in some circumstances)
  • Other minor improvements / code simplification
Download Version 7.0    04 Feb 2021