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21 Nov 2018:  See GCB MyStuff Installer

Notes about V2.0    (10 Jun 2018)
  1. The original MyStuff installer that we have used for years will shortly cease to work (it accesses files on EMJB's site and this is disappearing).
  2. The disappearance of EMJB's site means that versions below 2.0 will also cease to work
  3. V2.0 will not be affected because it uses a consolidated base kit; this eliminates the need to access other sites (apart from the site that provides the logos).
  4. The original Mystuff installer provides HDDInfo v2.3a; the V2.0 kit provides v2.4b  (I doubt anyone uses it anyway)
  5. The output kit can be run on the pc that generated it or it can be transferred to another pc (a network connection is not required as the built kit does not access the internet) when it is run)
Note: Use installation option 1 (option 2 does not work because the generated script file is too large)

Changes in V1.4          (05 Dec 2015)
  1. Provides a warning if the TLS security protocol is not enabled (this is what prevents the standard MyStuff Installer from downloading some files) and indicates how TLS can be enabled.
  2. Provides a mechanism to allow the browser to be used to fetch those files affected by the TLS setting and/or allows the user to select existing files on the PC.
  3. Uses internal decompression routines (no need for zipfldr.dll to be registered).
  4. Eliminates the UAC dialog asking "Do you want to run this file" (Vista and later).

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