fsCheck Download

The tap can be installed by using the TopManager "Tools| Install Files| fsCheck" option

See below for installing manually.

Please take time to read the "File System Check.pdf" file !

After downloading/installing the tap, please run it and paste your report into the fsCheck Reports thread on the forum.

Manual Installation
Manual installation consists of downloading the fsCheck.zip file and extracting the fsCheck.tap and the "File System Check.pdf" files.

Before installing the tap on the Toppy, decide where you want to install it.
The tap can be stored in \ProgramFiles\ or one of it's sub folders (but do not use "\ProgramFiles\Auto Start\" folder).
In the event of a disk corruption, locating the tap in \ProgramFiles means that it is most likely to be accessible.
Users of MyStuff may prefer to locate the tap with the other utility taps added by the MyStuff installer i.e. \ProgramFiles\Utilities\.

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