Changes in fsCheck 1.5                    (05 Feb 2015)
·    Correct code used to calculate temperatures (was using && and || instead of & and |)
·    Other changes to temperature code, added some more SMART descriptions
·    Do not flag files with a date of 2002/12/31 (these may be created when TopManager recovers files from a              snapshot)
·    Specify slot number if a file name contains no characters
+    Brief summary of DataFiles (number of recordings, folders and other files)

Changes in fsCheck 1.3                    (07 Dec 2013)
·    Added instructions on how to use Antares to fix a problem with the back link of a directory (the ".." entry).
      Note: Antares is needed because TopfHDRW will not fix it.

Changes in fsCheck 1.2                    (28 Oct 2013)
·    Prevent all files being flagged as "in the future" when the toppy clock is not set (e.g. no aerial connected)

Changes in fsCheck 1.1                    (07 Oct 2013)

·    Add possible comment about temperature (omitted in V1.0).
·    Output message if SMART is disabled (including how to enable).

·    Add ".ads" and ".cut" to files that should be in DataFiles folder.
·    Enclose disk report in a [code] ... [/code] block to ease posting on forum.
·    Treat a recording that has a NULL packet at the start as a valid recording.

·    Correct minimum size to use 0.34*1024*1024 (was 3*1024*1024/4).
·    Ignore duration check if the file name contains CUT (case sensitive).
·    Ignore file names containing "-ADS.rec" (used by CutAds).

Changed Text In Report
   ·  Invalid filename  Spell out the filename so can identify the characters.
 Say if no characters in name.
   ·  Invalid date/time  Change and also say that is is unlikely to cause problems.
   ·  Time Shifting  Add "can ignore this".
  ·   Bad Recording  Where possible, indicate why it did not qualify as a good recording.
   ·  Failed Recording  Remove Note saying that may be due to changes in Jul 2013.
   ·  Too Few Clusters  Only explain VF&F on first occurrence.
  ·   Too Many Clusters  Only explain VF&F on first occurrence.
   ·    Chain Not Terminated  Add "do not delete while recording in progress".
   ·   Cross Linked  Add an extra "reboot tapless" to the fix. 
 Add "do not delete while recording in progress".