New Features in Version 1.2
  • Allow a snapshot of the \ProgramFiles tree to be stored on the pc and provide the ability to recover files back to the toppy.
  • Provide a means of selecting and opening a different connection without going through the settings
    menu (where it is easy to inadvertantly change a setting).
  • Provide an option to register the use of TopManager on the forum "Your tools" section.
Bug Fixes
  • Allow connection names to start with any letter (A-Z) or digit (0-9). Pre v1.2, names starting with a digit or A-D would not get saved properly.
  • Widen FTP Port field on connection form to allow it to display 4 digits.
  • Prevent Access Violation when analysing (caused by clicking the mouse in the top pane, but not over any text, and then performing a Find operation). Also prevented AV when right clicking, not over text, when processing EXEs and DLLs.
  • When user deletes a connection, check that the corresponding CacheHeaders file exists before deleting it.
  • The Tools/Analyse option did not flag \ProgramFiles\MyStuff.tap as a duplicate when one in Auto Start (fixed)
  • When attempting to connect, force a display of the connection messages when the program is unable to detect a USB connection (previously, messages would only have been displayed on the first connection).
  • Allow a tab character in the bottom pane to transfer focus to the next control. Also, allow tabs to be stored when editing a text file.
  • Force AutoCheckForUpdates to be checked (disable this option if you don't want TM to check the download site)

  • Prevent ProgramFiles collapsing when browsing (and hide plus sign).
  • Remove trailing ".0.0" and ".0" when displaying program version
  • Minor changes to script used by Tools/Analyze menu
  • Always display custom signature block, if it exists, when Tools\Update Forum Profile selected
  • Handle new lines in MyInfo B5.5
  • Move code contained in FormActivate to FormShow routine (now only get executed once)