Changes in Version 2.0.2   (31 Mar 2011)
  • Fix "not a valid date and time" problem that a few people experienced (caused by customised dates).
  • Add "Tools| Remove Bad EPG files ..."
  • Add a "Do not tell me about this version" checkbox to the "Help| Check For Updates" option
New Features in Version 2.0
    1. Connections|Browse
  • Internal Drag and Drop while browsing :-
      * Drag a single folder to another folder (left pane)
      * Drag files and/or folders from list view (right pane) to the tree view (left pane)
  • External Drag and Drop while browsing :-
      * Drag files from Windows Explorer into the list view (right pane).
      * Drag files from TopManager to Windows Explorer
    Note: Folders can be dragged but they will not be populated
  • Add "File|Import Files..." option to copy files to the toppy without using Drag and Drop (again folders will not be populated)
  • Files can be Copied to, and Pasted From, the Windows clipboard (Cut acts as a Copy)
  • When browsing, displayable files can be opened by double clicking with the mouse.
    2. Display Menu
  • Added "Display|SignalMonitor Results" option
    3. Tools Menu
  • "Tools|Update Forum Profile" rewritten. Now provides a simpler method to build  a forum signature (automates extracting fields from the MyInfo Log signature and  merging with custom information).
  • In "Tools|Analyze", displayable files can be opened by double clicking with the mouse.
  • "Tools|DLL files|Display" modified so that as well as replacing DLLs that do not support the accelerator patches, it can also replace a tfDll.dll file with that currently being used by TopManager.

    4. Other

  • Menus now typically enabled - they give instructions if they are not applicable when used.
Allow suppression of warning messages for old versions of MyInfo Log and MyStuffExportOptions.
  • Provides a login screen, if necessary, when connecting to the toppy web site (previously, user had to login using Internet Explorer). This overcomes a change in cookie handling introduced by IE8.
  • Bug Fixes

    • \ProgramFiles\DialogProfile.ini will no longer be flagged as an "unknown file" in Tools|Analyze. This file may be used by several taps (including FwLoad)
      Note: this may mean that the file does not appear in any of the analysis sections!
    • When reading in configuration files, automatically strip any trailing spaces and tabs.
      This allows the Baseline mechanism to be used to compare a file created by pasting text from a forum thread.
    • In "Tools|Check MyStuff" :-
        * check that the MyInfo Log is usable
        * when R1=EPG, check that EPG2MEI.ini contains "OUTPUT=EPG.mei"