Changes in Version 3.0.3                                                 (9 Oct 2011)
  • Modified the TopFieldReceiver.pas unit to prevent it generating exceptions if a file on the Toppy disk has an invalid date (the displayed date of such files will be 01/01/2000).
  • In "Tools| Analyze \ProgramFiles...", add section for SerialTransfer tap and \ProgramFiles\MyStuff\Backups (ready for MS 6.5).
  • Prevent the Find Dialog being displayed over other programs.
  • Override pc settings for date conversions (should eliminate "is not a valid date and time" errors). Invalid dates will display as 02/01/2000.

New Features in Version 3.0                                            (8 Aug 2011)


1.    Internal interface rewritten

The interface between the program and the lower level packages, used to call the TopfieldReceiver and FTP routines, has been rewritten (primarily to allow TopManager to make use of the Indy FTP components but also to improve/simplify the structure of the program).


Changes more obvious to the user are:-

o        removal of “Legacy USB” radio and addition of a “Use Indy” checkbox for FTP (in Connection| Settings form)

o        If, when setting up an FTP connection for the first time, TopManager fails to connect, please toggle the “Use Indy“ box settings and retry the operation.

o        ability to attempt reconnection of a disconnected FTP session


2.      Connection| Turbo
The turbo mechanism has been rewritten to ensure that it is only activated when required and/or likely to make a difference to the operation. As a visual reminder, a small, red filled, disc is displayed when turbo is activated (top left margin)


3.      Tools| Install TAPS …
New menu items to simplify the installation of useful TAPs and/or the updating of the logo files used by MyStuff


4.    Displaying Files

o        Remove “Carriage Return/LineFeed” from the end of the file (previously, TopManager always removed the last two characters, irrespective of what they were).

o        Web addresses are now highlighted (and can be clicked)

o        .xls files can be displayed (used by some of EMJB’s taps)

o        .chn files can now be displayed (used by TF5000 Display tap)

o        include the information in the TAPETC field when displaying a TAP header


5.    Tools| Update Forum Profile

o        Don't signal that the profile requires updating solely because MyStuff is running in a different TAP slot.
o        If necessary, transparently set the “bbcodes” value in the user’s forum profile (when not set, the signature displays as plain text)


6.    Tools| Check MyStuff

o        Warn if MyInfo does not contain channel information.

o        Warn if a favourites file does not specify any channels

o        In EPG2MEI.ini, allow “.mei” in an “OUTPUT=” statement


7.    SnapShots | Compare …

o        Ensure a logical ordering of files and folders when displaying the “Files on Toppy but absent from snapshot” view

o        Display success or failure for each file restored (instead of just displaying a list of the files that were selected for restoring)

o        Display a snapshot file in response to a double click of the mouse.


8.    Tools | Analyze ProgramFiles

o        Warn if AccurateBM tap exists and firmware has the [Ab] patch

o        Warn if eitdupfix tap exists and firmware has the [Ef] patch

o        Add section for TapLauncher tap

o        Add section for iGuide tap

o        Warn if taps clashing (MyStuff, UK Auto and iGuide)


9.    When processing MyStuffExportOptions.txt

For MyStuff 6.2 and later, warn if this file is more than 24 weeks old.

For MyStuff pre 6.2, warn if this file is more than 3 weeks old (as before).
10. Speed Of Operation
Having recently bought a NSLU to test out the FTP connections, I was surprised at how slow TopManager was compared with using a USB connection (typically 9-10 seconds to enable menus at startup compared with 3 seconds for USB). Analysis showed that, when using FTP, it takes approximately half a second to look up a file or directory (there are 21+ lookups when enabling the menus).
To improve the user interface, I have reworked several sections of the code to eliminate directory lookups where possible (primarily at startup, when it is already known that a file exists and when locating .ini files). As a result, menus using FTP are now enabled in 3-4 seconds. The good news is that this speed improvement also applies to USB connections.
This change in logic means that TopManager is now similar in speed to using FileZilla when transferring files. One difference is in the Connection|Browse startup; TopManager takes longer because it looks up all directories in \ProgramFiles (half a second for each one) where as FileZilla only looks up a single directory at a time.
In addition, there have been numerous minor changes to the code.