Version                                                             (01 May 2012)

TopManager provides two FTP mechanisms (plain and "Indy"). Modified the plain mechanism to force files to be fetched from the Toppy (found it was fetching an old copy from the cache when performing Signal Measurement). Note: this problem did not affect Signal Measurement using USB or "Indy" FTP.

Changes in Version 4.1                                                 (28 Apr 2012)

PcControl Tap

  • Version X27a (protocol version 10)
  • Improved error checking
  • Initialization routines improved


  • Modify so that does not automatically send commands to PcControl; user has to use "Show PcC Menus" to display the menu items and connect to the tap.
    This allows users to remove the tap from the Auto Start directory (although they then have to run it manually to make use of the PcControl menus).
  • Requires tap protocol version 10 (X27a) or later
  • Display a dialog if Channel Management was interrupted and TM then unable to talk to the PcControl tap. Dialog contains a checkbox to allow the recovery point to be ignored (TM just deletes the recovery file).
  • When editing MyStuff favourites files, TopManager removes any trailing blank lines (these can cause issues when displaying the EPG in MyStuff versions prior to 6.5)
  • Channel Management - When performing a band scan, warn user of any missed muxes if the user has previously attempted a scan for specific muxes.
  • Signal Measurement - increase maximum measure period to 60 seconds (previously 9)
  • TV Snapshot - Allow user to display in different aspect ratios and/or choose different heights that minimise visual effects of scaling.
  • Processing PcControl reports - improve error handling of string to integer conversions
  • When restoring positions of controls, use the WorkArea of the screen (i.e. excluding the taskbar) rather than full screen size.

Bug Fix

  • Changed FTP routines (non Indy) to allow an overwrite of files already on the PC (this fixes the 4.0.* problem retrieving the Freeview.dat file)

New Features in Version 4.0                                            (16 Apr 2012)

1.  Add PcControl Menus to perform:-

o        Scanning and channel deletion

o        TapCommander functions plus "Launch a tap"

o        Signal Measurement

o        Display Timers

o        Display HDD Statistics

o        Manage Favourites Files

o        Take a picture of the TV

2.  Provide Popup menus to allow contents of List view controls to be copied to the clipboard

3.  Handle changed location used for HDDInfo v2.4a logs

  In addition, there have been numerous minor changes to the code.