Changes in Version 4.2                                                 (01 Aug 2012)


  • Add a link to the forum thread on the Help| About dialog
  • Disable all checksums when performing USB file operations
  • Allow skin files to be edited (*.mcf)
  • Remove unnecessary space before [b] in signature
  • Select new PcControl file detection mechanism (this allows the disk to spin down when inactive)
  • Add a new menu (PcControl| System Settings) to display/change Toppy System Settings
  • Add a new menu (PcControl| Display PcC Info) to produce a similar report to MyInfo Log.txt
  • Requires PcControl version B1 or later
  • Various minor changes to support new functions

PcControl Menus

  • Channel Management
    • Warn if taps are loaded in the incorrect order
    • When scanning, automatically rescan any muxes that don't detect any channels (up to 3 attempts)
    • Warn user if mux names are not unique (and set so that user can easily access "Identify My Transmitter")
    • Allow Find (Ctrl F) and Find Next (F3) operations when displaying the "Identify My Transmitter" dialog
    • Adjust timeout when "finalizing" (based on the version of MyStuff; i.e. effectively increase time allowed by an extra 21 seconds for MyStuff pre version 6.5)
    • Changed signal measurement time to 2 seconds (previously 1 second)
  • Measure Signals
    • Change initial measurement period from 1 seconds to 2 seconds
    • Add extra space at start of header when copying to clipboard as padded text
  • TapCommander
    • Advise user about moving taps when arranging load order
    • Add hints to controls

  • Display PcC Info (new)
    • Produce similar information to MyInfo tap (but based on current information rather than when MyInfo.tap last ran)
    • Shows mux names e.g. PSB1; warn if two or more muxes have the same name i.e. multiple transmitters
    • Identifies transmitter (requires at least 4 muxes)

  • System Settings (new)
    • Allow display/changing of items shown on the native “System Settings” Menu

PcControl.tap                                                                     (21 Jul 2012)
  • Uses a different method to detect command files sent from TopManager, This allows the disk to be spun down when PcControl in "inactive" while allowing "instant" detection of a command file.
(Users who haven't already updated this tap should use the "Tools| Install Files" option)