Changes in Version 4.4.1                                             (11 Nov 2012)

Correction to make "Tools| Install Files| MyStuff EPG.mei" work

No other changes

Changes in Version 4.4                                                 (10 Oct 2012)



Add a "Tools| Manage MyStuff Backup Files" option to purge or restore MyStuff files.


  • When using "Tools| Analyze ProgramFiles", warn if any of the sizes are negative or larger than 10 Mb.
  • When using "Snapshot| Take", ignore any files with a negative size (this indicates a corruption of the file system).
  • Allow .tsv (tab separated files) to be displayed and edited.
  • After editing a file, ensure that any options dependent on the file are updated (not always done previously).
PcControl| Channel Management
  • Redefine the "Select Pay, Porn, Shopping and Social" option to include Text, Data and Web.
  • Add options to select "all Radio" and "deselect all Pay".
  • Automatically select LCNs over 750 for deletion.
  • Improve code so that deleted channel objects not accessed.
  • Display "Identify My Transmitter" from at centre of form (rather than designed position)
  • Modify the "Identify My Transmitter" form to handle a variable number of muxes (previously fixed at 6).
  • Write ChannelOrganiserDeletes.txt when the file does not already exist i.e. when the ChannelOrganiser tap has not previously been used.
  • Update the table of transmitters (now dated 26-Sep-2012)
Note: The PcControl tap has not changed ( version B1)