Changes in Version 4.5.2                                          (05 Mar 2013)

Correct Auto Connect code

  • Modified "Auto Connect" at startup code to work irrespective of the "Auto Check For Updates" setting (V4.5.1 only performed the AutoConnect if the "Help| Auto Check For Updates" option was also ticked).

Changes in Version 4.5.1                                          (08 Feb 2013)

Correct ChannelOrganiserDeletes.txt code

  • After a scan, completely rewrite ChannelOrganiserDeletes.txt  i.e. do not propagate any old entries.
  • Read FirstInvalidLCN from Freeview.dat (if option exists, use 1000 if not)
  • Do not write any name or SvcId on entries for LCNs>= FirstInvalidLCN
These changes are to support the next version of ChannelOrganiser

Changes in Version 4.5                                             (02 Feb 2013)



  • Add TopManager version number to application caption
  • Automatically check that the PcControl tap, if present, is loaded “early” when the toppy starts. If in wrong position, automatically moves it to first tap loaded (this eliminates the need for PcControl to stop/restart EPG2MEI – which may cause the toppy to reboot)
  • Individual PcControl Display menu items moved into a Display sub menu.
  • Add {SvcId} comments to favourite files (for use by next version of the ChannelOrganiser tap)
  • Add FvTxData.tsv as an option to Tools| Install Files. This file contains a list of transmitters for use by next version of the ChannelOrganiser tap.
  • Other minor improvements

Snapshot| Compare/Manage

  • Treat all PcControl communication files as transient.

PcControl| Channel Management

  • Update the table of transmitters (now dated 02-Feb-2013)

PcControl| Measure Signals

  • Minimum measurement period now 2 seconds (previously 1).
  • Rewrite to allow the signals to be plotted (requires PcControl B1.3).
  • Sends a single file containing the measurement commands (a bit quicker, old mechanism use a separate file for each measurement).
  • Measurements can be cancelled (no need to wait for them to complete)

PcControl| Display| PcCInfo

  • Use both name and number of Mux when determining the best transmitter (previously, just used the number).
  • Display muxes in ascending LCN order.
  • Include TM and PcControl versions in output.


  • Plotting of signal measurements require version B1.3
  • Version B1 and B1.2 still supported but users are advise to update using “Tools| Install Files| PcControl”.