Changes in Version 4.6.1                                        (09 Oct 2013)


Correct support for fsCheck tap

  • Look for fsCheck files in \ProgramFiles\Logs\ instead of \ProgramFiles\

Changes in Version                                      (10 Sep 2013)


Modify Support for fsCheck tap (when it is released)

  • Modify code to look for files of the form \ProgramFiles\fsCheck_yyyy-mm-dd_hh-mm.log.

Changes in Version 4.6                                             (29 Aug 2013)



  • The main form has been modified so that the program will still work on systems that don’t possess a printer (e.g. Hyde’s WHS)

Support for fsCheck tap (when it is released)

  • Modify “Tools| Analyze \ProgramFiles” to recognize the fsCheck tap and its report file.
  • Added “Display| File System Check“ to display the report file generated by fsCheck tap.
  • Modified “PcControl| Tap Commander” so that user can save the report file when stopping the fsCheck tap from the pc.

Support for ChannelOrganiser

  • Modify routines to support an improved ChannelOrganiser tap.
  • Remove use of ChannelOrganiser_B2.ini (used by a pre-release of the tap).

Tools| Update Forum Profile

  • Use correct forum form field when determining maximum length allowed for the username and password.
  • When refreshing the profile, display “Done” to show that the page has been loaded.

PcControl| Display| Display HDD Statistics

  • Correctly display AAM and APM values (the file being returned from PcControl was not being processed correctly).

Snapshot| Compare/Manage

  • Fix problem restoring files from a non British Summer Time snapshot when BST is active.  As a safety measure, also added an option so that the user can, if necessary, override the date check by selecting “Copy anyway”.

PcControl.tap (updated to V1.4)

  • Fix a coding error comparing values.
  • Version B1, B1.2 and B1.3 still supported but users are advised to update using “Tools| Install Files| PcControl”.