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Version 4.8

Changes in Version 4.8.2                                     (06 Oct 2014)


Minor changes to:

  • clean up MyStuff_MOTList.dat files (Tools| Manage MyStuff backups)
  • handle the recently introduced double quote characters ("") in Freeview.dat (PcControl| Channel Management)
  • allow "with LTM" in the transmitter name (PcControl| Display Pcc Info)
  • replace FastScanGUI tap with Patched_FSG.tap (Tools| Install Files)
  • provide alternative "gramps" logos (Tools| Install Files)
  • notify user when EMJB has modified Freeview.dat

 Note: Some of the above may already be available using version 4.8.1 (primarily Tools| Install Files).

Changes in Version 4.8.1                                     (18 Feb 2014)


Change to support a fully wild carded name in Freeview.dat (EMJB will be shortly be introducing this to support local TV stations on channel 8).

You will need this version (or later) if you will be using TopManager/PcControl for Channel Management

Please also upgrade to PcControl to 1.4 (if you haven't done so already)

Changes in Version 4.8                                        (12 Feb 2014)


Fix issue with change to format of Freeview.dat wild cards

Display information message when Freeview.dat has been changed on EMJB's web page (see Help| Check For Updates for further information)

Set minimum supported version of PcControl to 1.3 (although you should be using 1.4 !)