Version 4.9

Changes in Version 4.9                                     (08 Nov 2014)


Changes to "Tools| Analyze ProgramFiles"

  • Recognize fsSave tap and binary files
  • Recognize MyStuff_EPGModifiers.dat
  • Allow ChannelOrganiser tap to reside in \ProgramFiles\Auto Start

Changes to "PcControl| Channel Management"
  • Correct the test which decides whether or not to rewrite or append to \ProgramFiles\Settings\ChannelOrganiserDeletes.txt

    In V4.8.2 (and probably some earlier versions), TM was always rewriting this file after one or more channels was deleted. The correct (and original) logic was that TM should completely rewrite the file after a scan but only amend the contents if a scan had not just been performed.

Changes to "Help"
  • Remove "Help| Register" option.
    This allowed users to be emailed whenever TopManager is updated. However, it required someone with moderator privileges to initiate the emails and, as TM already checks for updates when it runs, is no longer necessary.