Changes in Version 5.0                                     (18 Apr 2015)


Changes to "Tools| Analyze ProgramFiles"

  • Recognize MyStuff_Startup.flg and PruneEPG.tap

Changes to "Tools| Check MyStuff"

  • Warn if PruneEPG not present in Auto Start folder
  • Add [Ec] and [Ef] to patch lists (although not strictly required for MyStuff)

Changes to "Tools| Install Files| ..."

  • Add PruneEPG.tap
  • Use a .zip file when downloading gramp's logos.

Changes to "PcControl| Channel Management"
  • Warn if a LTM (Local Transport Mux) is detected on entry or selected by a new channel lineup. Note: this does not prevent you selecting an LTM; it just warns you that they are typically broadcast at low power and could lead to a disk wipe.

Bug Fixes
  • Prevent access violation error if a .INI file is empty
  • Back out the change that decided whether or not to rewrite or append to \ProgramFiles\Settings\ChannelOrganiserDeletes.txt. This means that the program will correctly remember the channel lineup again.

  • Add Filezilla.exe to list of PC programs that may prevent connection