Patched_FSG.tap (FastScanGUI replacement)
This tap is now OBSOLETE (it's internal tables are out of date). 

Please use the TopManager| PcControl options or the ChannelOrganiser tap instead                     

R2-D2 developed the FastScanGUI tap to perform a fast channel scan from a single transmitter. However, the usefulness of this original tap is now limited as the internal transmitter tables are out of date following the changes to DSO.

Patched_FSG contains an up to date set of transmitters.

The following description is identical to that provided by R2-D2 but with references to FastScanGUI replaced with Patched_FSG.

Patched_FSG allows you to do a fast channel scan based just on your local transmitter, or from a choice of all available channels. It will (temporarily) add the [Hs] patch if you don't already have it applied, in order to reduce the scanning time to just the five (or six) UHF channels for the five (or six) Freeview muxes (at present).

Transmitter Mode
It'll start up in Transmitter mode, where you can pick a single transmitter, or a main one and a "B" one which you may have in your region providing an alternative set of channels for some muxes. Using Patched_FSG this way will mean you won't have to worry about duplicate channels, since at most one channel for each mux will be scanned.

You can also pre-select your local transmitter by simply renaming the TAP to include its name -- e.g. to have the Redruth transmitter selected initially the TAP should be called "Patched_FSGI-Redruth.tap". The case is not significant (apart from the ".tap", as usual) but the "-" is, and due to TAP filename limitations, all spaces must be replaced by "_" (underscore), so to use the "Crystal Palace" transmitter the filename should be something like:

DSO (Digital Switch Over) information is now included for the UK Freeview system and the main transmitters. The date given is the start of the changeover (or other significant change), but in some areas the full change may be staggered and may allow some overlap time with the old setup. After DSO there may be more muxes available eventually.

Channel Mode
The alternative Channel mode shows all channels (VHF ones, too). You can flip between the two modes using the blue button, with the channel selection from the Transmitter mode carried across to the Channel mode. If you flip back to Transmitter mode it will remember your last choice of transmitter(s).

Press Rec to start the scanning when you're happy with your choice. This includes a (necessary) partial Factory Reset -- you'll lose timers and channels (DOH!), but your settings (such as whether the 5V power to the
aerial is on) will be preserved.

Disaster Recovery
If you boot the Toppy when there are no channels then the Main Menu will be displayed. You can still run Patched_FSG in this mode, but for most people on most Toppys there's no way to start the TAP. To this end, if you keep Patched_FSG in Auto Start then when it runs on boot up (or any time within 3mins of booting) it will check if there are any channels defined, and only run if there aren't any. This should enable you to quickly recover from lost channels, although bear in mind that the Main Menu will still be active and competing for button presses (most significantly, the OK button) -- in this state the arrow buttons will still work and if you've made no selection (and no pre-selected transmitter) you can still press the Rec button to do a "select and run" on the highlighted item.