Sirius, is a program that aids communicating with a Toppy using EMJB's SerialInterface TAP and a serial cable. Visually, it looks similar to Altair.exe (a program that performs file transfers over USB).


To use this program, you need:-  

  • A Windows pc with Sirius installed
  • A Serial Interface adapter for the pc. While this used to be standard equipment on a pc, this typically requires the purchase of a USB to Serial adapter (about £5 on eBay)
  • A Toppy that can run TAPs
  • A "Null Modem" Serial cable (eBay again?). It requires a 9 pin female connector at the Toppy end and a connector to match the Serial adapter at the pc end (probably also 9 pin female).
  • The SerialInterface.tap file installed on the Toppy. This can be downloaded from  The documentation files (*.doc) contained in the zip file explain how to connect the Toppy to the pc, the operational limitations and the transfer protocol. This kit also provides a basic windows program to talk to the Toppy and a means of transferring files using a Windows batch file.
The author recommends that you always reboot the Toppy once all serial operations have been completed. This will prevent loss of future recordings and eliminate any operational anomolies.