File System Save (fsSave)

The fsSave tap saves the Toppy file structures so that I can recover corrupted disks using my ToppyDiskMedic (TDM) program (not released for general use).

When stored in '\ProgramFiles\Auto Start', this tap saves the file structures each time it is run (provided they have not already been saved that day).

As the recommendation is that a Toppy should be shut down each day, this means that the saved file structures should be fairly "up to date".


The tap can be installed by using the TopManager "Tools| Install Files| fsCheck" option

To install manually, unzip the download and copy the tap to \ProgramFiles\Auto Start (it can be anywhere in the toppy startup order).

The tap does not require any management (it automatically purges the files it creates).

Further details are contained in the .txt file stored in the zip file.

Why should I run this tap?

  • Minimal load on Toppy (quick to run, only uses 19 disk clusters)

  • No management apart from installing the tap

  • You have little to lose; if you never experience a corrupted file system, this tap will just run with little impact on your Toppy. However, should you experience corruption, these data files should aid recovery of recordings.

Why can't I use TopfHDRW to recover after a disk corruption?

You can but my experience with TopfHDRW wasn't a good one (it took a lot of effort and time, the filenames didn't correspond to those used by MyStuff, there was a multitude of "LostCluster" files, it crashed etc).

Don't get me wrong, TopfHDRW is very good for simple fixes but it didn't work well for me.

In the end, I found it easier to just reformat the disk and start afresh.

When will ToppyDiskMedic be released?

It won't be! - you need to send the disk to me (and also pay postage both ways).

Disk Serial Number

Disk Serial Number

Windows doesn't provide a guaranteed mechanism to retrieve the serial number of a physical disk.

To allow ToppyDiskMedic to check that .bin files correspond to the disk drive on which they were created, the tap writes the disk serial number to the last PHYSICAL sector of the drive (there are typically several sectors at the end of a drive that are not used by the Toppy File system).

To cater for disks whose geometry means that there is no unused sector at the end of the disk, this data is also written to \ProgramFiles\fsSaveBins\DiskIdentity.bin