TopManager Program

TopManager is a Windows program that eases the management of a Topfield PVR system (commonly referred to as a "Toppy").


Key Features:

·    Access a Toppy connected to a Windows PC via a USB cable, or connected to a network device using FTP

·    Can handle more than one Toppy

·    Ability to browse the \ProgramFiles tree of a Toppy file system

·    Easy display of key Toppy files

·    Editing of TAP input files

·    Deletion and Renaming of files

·    Creation of folders and empty files    

·    Identification of differences from a previously saved baseline

·    Update of the user's profile on the Forum

·    Analysis of files in the \ProgramFiles tree

·    Allow a snapshot of the \ProgramFiles tree to be stored on the pc and provide the ability to recover files back to the Toppy

·    Printing of files

·    Browsing also supports "Drag and Drop" to

+  Relocate files and folders in the \ProgramFiles tree

+  Import files from Windows Explorer

+  Export files to Windows Explorer

+  Files can also be imported via a dialog

·    Easy installation of commonly used TAPs and update of MyStuff Logo files

·    Remotely manage the Toppy (uses the PcControl tap)

Scanning and channel deletion

TapCommander functions plus "Launch a tap"

Signal Measurement

+  Display Timers

+  Display HDD Statistics

Manage Favourites Files

Take a picture of the TV

+  Display/Change System Settings

+  Display PcC Info (similar to MyInfo but based on running system)

·    Manage (purge or restore MyStuff Backup Files

If you have any problems with TopManager, or have any comments or suggestions, please post on the TopManager thread at