The original MyStuff Installer, developed by EMJB and CW, no longer works because it references files on a web site that no longer exists.

New Installer

This new installer is written solely for installing/upgrading MyStuff i.e. it can't be used for installing anything else.

It's single script, extracted from the executable file, uses the concepts developed by CW and EMJB but also provides some new constructs. The new script loads files from just two websites (GeeCeeBee.co.uk and Gramp's logos site).

It can generate a zip file that can be used on an offline pc.

This installer eliminates many unnecessary questions including

  • Asking about deleting MyStuff 6.4 backups when there aren't any.

  • Automatically updating taps and tap packages (eg FontManager) i.e. a detected tap is always upgraded to the latest version