Toppy Driver

A special driver (WinUSB) is needed to access a Topfield TF5800 or TF5810 from a windows pc (the driver that Microsoft automatically selects for you will not work).

The driver, and instructions for it's use, can be obtained from (basically, one runs z4t.exe and follows the onscreen instructions about when to connect the Toppy).

The same z4t.exe program can be used on pcs running the XP, Vista, Win7 or Win10 operating systems (both 32 and 64 bit)

Note: Haselgrove's site no longer appears to be available; a copy of it's information can be found here.

Extra steps if you are using Win10

By default, Win10 security does not allow "unsigned" drivers to be installed.

This means that extra steps are necessary before running z4t.

Warning: BitLocker

My Dell pc uses a product called BitLocker. Basically, the data on the disk is encrypted so that it can't be read in another pc unless one knows the encryption key (8 six digit numbers). If your system uses BitLocker, you will need to manually type your disk's encryption key when the system reboots i.e. print it off before you start! (see below on how to obtain codes).

Note: You probably don't have BitBlocker on your system so you can ignore this bit. If you do have BitBlocker, W10 will warn you that you will need it's codes to continue.

Basically, one has to disable Driver Enforcement to install the driver on a Win10 system. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Make sure all "work in progress" files are saved (because the PC will be rebooted)

  2. It is a good idea to download the z4t.exe first and place it in an easy accessible location e.g. the download folder or as a shortcut on the desktop

  3. Type Settings in the "Type here to search" box on the task bar

  4. Click Update and Security

  5. Click Recovery

  6. Select Advanced Startup and click Restart Now

  7. (The PC will REBOOT at this point!)

  8. Select TroubleShoot

    1. Select Advanced Options (no longer necessary)

  9. Select Startup Settings

  10. Click Restart

  11. The PC will reboot a second time

  12. If necessary, enter your BitLocker 24 digit number

  13. On the Startup Settings screen, press 7 or F7 to disable "driver signature enforcement"

  14. Note: the enforcement will only be disabled for the duration of the next boot i.e. if it doesn't work for some reason then you need to repeat all the above steps before running z4t.

  15. The pc will restart

  16. Run z4t

Obtaining your BitBlocker Code

To determine your BitBlocker code:-

  1. Right click the Start button and select "Windows PowerShell (Admin)"

  2. Type in the following command (note "manage-bde" is one word)

  3. manage-bde -protectors C: -get

Running z4t

Note: On my Win10 desktop, I didn't need to "Run As Administrator"

When z4t is run, windows will tell you that the driver is unsigned (possibly not on XP systems)


z4t will tell you whether or not the installation was successful.